Our Portfolio

Web Design and/or Search Engine Marketing:

Apartment Loan Store
Apartment Loan Store - Texas SEO & design client
TM Media Inc
TM Media Inc - Texas SEO client
Sonoran Property Inspections
SonoranPropertyInspections.com - Texas SEO client
What’s Hot South Jersey
Whats Hot South Jersey - Texas SEO & design client
Adams Fast Plumbing
Adams Fast Plumbing Service - Texas SEO web design client
New Jersey Private Investigator
New Jersey Private Investigator - Texas SEO & design client
Shoe Cartel
Shoe Cartel - Texas SEO client
Best of Texas
Best of Texas - Texas SEO client
Everyday Mom Designs
Premade scrapbook pages
Joerg Stoeffel
Joerg Stoeffel - Texas SEO & design client
John Enghauser
John Enghauser - Texas SEO & design client
Learn Day Trading Fast
Learn Day Trading Fast - Texas SEO & design client
Power Talk Productions
Power Talk Productions - Texas SEO client
Spenro Aircraft Tool
Spenro Aircraft Tool - Texas SEO client
Care Free Lawn Care
Care Free Lawn Care - Texas SEO & design client
West Chester
West Chester - Texas SEO & design client
HVAC Marketing Club
HVAC Marketing Club - Texas SEO & design client
Kathleen Kirkwood Heavenly
kathleenkirkwood - Texas SEO & design client
CCCS Mission
cccsmissions - Texas SEO & design client
vivix welcome blog - Texas SEO & design client
Tip Top Website
Tip Top Website - Texas SEO & design client
Cell Signs
cellsigns-Texas SEO & design client
mpetition-Texas SEO & design client
In Car Experts
incarexperts - Texas SEO & design client
macemeters-Texas SEO & design client
qwasi-Texas SEO & design client
New York Hystrerical Society
nyhystericalsociety - Texas SEO & design client

Mini-Site Design:


Texas SEO - eCover Design s


Texas SEO - Minisite Design 2

Texas SEO - Minisite Design 3

Texas SEO - Minisite Design 4

Texas SEO - Minisite Design 5

Professional Copywriting (Will ONLY Be Written By Kevin Lam):

Kevin has written for more than a dozen clients and have produced significant results for each one.

You need Kevin’s copywriting services if:

  • You have a product/service that needs higher conversions
  • You have a product/service that isn’t producing much profit
  • You are about to launch a new product/service

Find out how you can get a hold of Kevin for a copywriting service.

The Art of Covert Hypnosis - Texas SEO copywriting client
Alamo Academy - Texas SEO copywriting client Finance Keeper - Texas SEO copywriting client
Long Run Marketing - Texas SEO copywriting client Credit Repair - Texas SEO copywriting client